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Product Description

Spare Parts

Only Bühler parts can replace Bühler parts.

All the parts are produced and qualified by BUHLER's factory workers an engineers. Spare parts we are providing: Buhler roller mill spare parts, chilled rolls, gears, belts, belt conversion wheels, feeding system spare parts, mqrf purifier spare parts, frames, cloth, brushes , plan sifter spare parts: frames, inserts, n-o-v-a cleaners, saving cloth. Bran finisher spare parts; screens, MHXT scourers spare parts: screens for scourers and combinators etc….

How our service benefits you:

- You continue to enjoy the Bühler product warranty.

- You maintain the value of your machinery and equipment.

- You extend the lifecycle of your machinery and equipment.

- You can order the parts you need quickly and easily.

Lab Services

We offer a broad range of laboratories analyses and testing of food and technical materials to innovate processes and improve equipment for our customers.

Spare and Wear Parts

Highest standards of reliability apply to original Bühler spare and wear parts. They are perfectly adjusted and ensure performance and production safety.


If you need our service ,we can send our millers to train your employees in your flour mill. Most of our engineer training tutor has the a degree in China Milling College  Certificate. All the service of cost only be half of Buhler group.


We hire Bühler worker and engineer who are used to work together China Buhler Factory evaluates, over- hauls, adjusts or renews customer installations, including Bühler and non-Bühler machines.


We provide consulting service for choosing best quality of China made flour milling machinery to upgrade your old flour mill. 


Fast and reliable technical repair service – world- wide, 24/7.


Packages are adjusted to fit production cycles to prevent downtime, loss in production efficiency or product quality, ranging from individual services to complete outsourcing of maintenance.


With individual upgrades and conversion kits time- worn Bühler machines will perform to current standards of technology and efficiency.

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