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This Buhler Flour Mill with capacity 300Tons per day we recommend you is constructed in year of 2006 and all the machinery in this flour mill are made between year 2006-2008. Mill is shut down in last year and we are negotiating with several buyer from some other countries and local meanwhile we are talking now. So you gotta come quickly if you are interested and want to buy this mill, our location is zhengzhou city, which is the capital of Henan province. our city is not far from Bejing, you can fly from Beijing to our Xinzheng airport, and it takes only one and half hours, we will pick u up at the airport and take you to inspect each machines on site of this flour mill. 



Below are the main equipments. 

Buhler MDDK 250/1000 Rollermills: 16pcs.

Buhler plan sifter FSFG 6x740frame : 6pcs.

Buhler MQRF purifier 46/200: 12pcs.

Buhler MKLA45/110 bran finisher: 4pcs.

Buhler bag packing machine: 5pcs.

PLC control system: 1 set.



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