Brand New Buhler MDDK Roller Mill Flour Milling Machinery

Product Description

Condition: Brand New Condition.

New Parts Included: New Chills Rolls, New NSK Bearings, 

New Feeding System Parts, New Gears or New Belt Conversion Parts, 

New Bearing Houses, etc. 

Rolls Size: 250/1000. 250/1250

Rolls Passage: Breaking Rolls and Smooth Rolls.

Rollermill Driving System: Gear Box/Belt Conversion.

Old Rollermill Made Year: 2018. 

Feeding Rolls Driving System: Gears Mechanical or Belt Timing Wheels. 

Belt Conversion Spare Parts: Supplied by Requested. 

Spare Rolls Available: Upon Request. 

Available Quantity in Stock: Upon Request.

Price/More Details: Pls Contact By E-mail:

Category: Wheat Milling Machines

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