BUHLER Model type Flaker machine corn flaking roller mills with steamer corn meal flaker processing machine

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Maize Flaker Machine YYPY2×60×125-D2

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The whole machine automatic control, schneider electric components
feeder motor Model: SEW, P=1.1KW (frequency conversion), can adjust the number of feed roller revolutions, increase production
Barrier door control:
• The hydraulic cylinder controls the size of the opening of the block gate, which is easy to control and easy to operate.
Automatic split roll control:
• The hydraulic station controls the cylinder and uses the hydraulic control piston to move forward and backward to control the sub-roller and the closing roller.
Belt tension control:
• The hydraulic cylinder is fixed and the piston rod is fixed on the carrier bracket. The forward and backward movement of the carrier bracket moves the piston rod back and forth to control the tension of the belt.
Hydraulic cylinder section
• It is composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, etc. It has an automatic split roller to adjust the thickness of the green sheet and has a limit
Transmission section
. Pulleys and shafts, motor wheels, and large synchronous pulleys and shafts are all connected with tensioning sleeves (wheels and tensioning sleeves are all Weiou Specialties

Product, dynamic balance), easy installation and disassembly, and high transmission accuracy Import timing belts to increase transmission efficiency without loss of transmission. (US Made Gates Products)

• Roller through shaft, roll surface hardness HS76±2°, roll surface made of nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy, roll body centrifugal casting, alloy layer 30-35mm, roll balance test.
• Imported SKF bearings, clearance C2, high precision.

Hydraulic unloading bearings:
• Easy to disassemble, conducive to equipment maintenance and repair
Magnetic separator
• The use of powerful magnetic separation has greatly absorbed the force, reducing the damage to the roll and extending the life of the roll.
Scraper device:
• The adjustment method of the doctor blade is external adjustment. The length of the spring is 
adjusted to control the contact between the doctor blade and the roller. The replacement blade can be replaced from the front of the roller. The operation is simple and easy.

Tile holder:
• Square watts seats, with wear plates underneath the movable watts seat, replaceable, and the square watts drive stable, making the machine more stable. (Material: QT500-7)

• On the upper surface of the base, there are slides, and the movable watts seat can slide back and forth in the slideway so that the stability of the whole machine can be enhanced.
(Material: HT300)
Belt cover:
• Fully enclosed, integrated with the host, small footprint
Dimensions: 2980×2716×1626 (mm) (length×width×height)
Hydraulic system maximum working pressure: 16Mpa
Pump motor power: 2.2KW-4
Feed roller motor power: 1.1KW
Rolling flakes thickness: 0.25-0.4mm
flaker machine roller speed: 270r/min
flaker machine model:600/1250
drive motor: 75kw
capacity: 5-8tons/ hour, 180-220tons/day.

Payment Terms: 50% deposit by T/T, the balance paid BEFORE SHIPPINGShipping: 50-70 Days.

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