200Tons BuhlerMDDKMDDL MQRF MPAH Used Flour Mill Plant

Model: MDDK 250X1000
Place of Origin: Henan,China (Mainland)


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Product Description

Main Equipments List of 200Tons Swiss BUHLER Flour Mill

Buhler Classifier UX-408/3: 1piece.

Buhler MTSC-65/120U Destoner : 2 pieces

Buhler MTRA-100/200U Separator: 1 piece.

Buhler MHXF-30/150 Scourer: 2 pieces. 

Buhler MVSQ-100 Recycling Aspirator: 1 piece.

Buhler MVSQ-60 Recycling Aspirator: 1 piece.

Buhler MOZJ-30/200 Moisture Dampener: 1 piece.

BUHLER MYFA-12A: Moisture Controller: 1 piece.

BUHLER MZAF-12 Flow Balancer: 8 pieces.

BUHLER MDDL-1000/250 Roller mill: 2 pieces.

BUHLER MDDK-1000/250 Roller mill: 8 pieces.

BUHLER MPAH-824 Plan sifter:   2 pieces.

BUHLER MQRF-46/200 Purifier: 3 pieces.

BUHLER MKLA-45/110 Bran Finisher: 4 pieces.

BUHLER MDL-300 Detacher: 6 pieces.

BUHLER MJZE-43 Insect Entoleter: 5 pieces.

BUHLER MVRS Pulse Air-jet Filter: 2 pieces.

BUHLER MHTM Low Pressure Fan: 1 piece.

BUHLER MHTM High Pressure Fan: 1 piece.

BUHLER DFMF-44SL Batch Mixer: 1 piece.

BUHLER MWBL-EE Flow Scale: 2 piece.

BUHLER EMW Flow Scale: 1 set. 

BUHLER Impact Drum  Detacher: 1 piece.

BUHLER MZML 300/50 Micro factor additive device: 4 pieces.

BUHLER MWPK-4 Spouts Carousel: 1 set. 

BUHLER MWPO Small Packing Station: 1 piece.

Category: Used Wheat Flour Mill

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