Thousand Kernel Weight  

Thousand Kernel Weight

Thousand Kernel Weight

1. Prepare a 500-gram sample of wheat by removing all
dockage, shrunken and broken kernels, and other foreign
2. Divide the sample several times using a mechanical
divider until you have approximately 50 grams.
3. Count 1,000 kernels using a mechanical counter and


• Thousand kernel weight is the weight in grams of 1,000
kernels of wheat.

• This method is used to estimate kernel mass.

• This measurement also may be determined using the
Single Kernel Characterization System.

Why is this important?

Thousand kernel weight (TKW), as a method, measures
the mass of the wheat kernel. It is used by wheat breeders
and flour millers as a complement to test weight to better
describe wheat kernel composition and potential flour extraction.
Generally speaking, wheat with a higher TKW can be
expected to have a greater potential flour extraction.

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